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Gender DynamiX would like to introduce you to The Wall of Resilience


This wall aims to create a way of telling stories that document our losses and our strengths.


The wall brings to life the lived experiences of members of the LGBTQIA+ community(s) digitally during the COVID 19 pandemic while simultaneously highlighting the resilience of marginalized communities who are further limited by inadequate resources and lack of access to services across Southern Africa.

The virtual wall is a tool that will be used to voice the inadequacies in the region on the basis of education, legal gender recognition and access to services, more so during the pandemic.


Furthermore, it is a way of ensuring that transgender and gender diverse persons are given a platform to get recognition for their courage and tenacity despite facing stigma, violence, discrimination and exclusion from basic services while challenging policies and laws that aim to impede on the dignity and human rights of Trans and Gender Diverse persons, hence the name Wall of Resilience.


To be featured on The Wall of Resilience please email us at:

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