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As the first trans-focussed organisation in Africa, GDX is recognised as an organisation with efficient and effective operational procedures and sound governance structures.

Strengthen leadership, governance and policy:

  • To ensure all structures serve both staff and the Board.

GDX will work towards realising this objective by:

  • Maintaining a sustainable but voluntary Board; and

  • Creating an environment where staff, interns and volunteers are well informed and conscious of their roles and responsibilities and have access to well documented procedures in a transparent, responsible and accountable manner.

To this end, GDX will:

  • Document the organisation’s internal procedures and policies to achieve organisational stability;

  • Develop annual workplans for the Board and staff;

  • Manage organisational risks in a logical and calculated manner; and

  • Ensure organisational memory by promoting and enhancing organisational learning as well as the transfer and preservation of knowledge.

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