Gender DynamiX seeks to be a key role-player towards the realisation of all human rights of transgender and gender nonconforming people within and beyond the borders of South Africa.


​Using a human rights framework, Gender DynamiX undertakes to advance, promote and defend the rights of trans and gender nonconforming persons in South Africa, Africa and globally. We realise that we are impacted by multiple systems of discrimination and marginalisa-tion. Community mobilisation, media engagement, public education, research and training form part of our strategy. Our voice, skills, talents, leadership and pioneering attitude are valuable assets. Development and enrichment of our staff is crucial to the sustainability of our organisation.

principle constitutional objectives

  • To increase the visibility and acceptance of trans diverse and gender diverse persons.  

  • To advocate for a society where everyone is free to express their gender, within, across and beyond the male-female binary without fear of discrimination and to promote self-identification.  

  • To provide training and education for key stakeholders including and not limited to health care workers, law enforcement, educators, public service and religious leaders in order to build sensitivity towards trans diverse-, gender diverse-, gender nonconforming-, and gender questioning people.  

  • To challenge and assist people to re-examine their understanding of gender diversity.  

  • To assist significant others, family, friends and colleagues of trans diverse-, gender diverse-, gender nonconforming-, and gender questioning people with information and education about gender identity and expression.  

  • To use a human rights framework, to support trans diverse and gender diverse persons to access and advocate for their rights. 

  • To increase awareness and acceptance of trans diverse and gender diverse persons in Southern Africa by doing outreach work in townships and rural areas.  

  • To participate in- and conduct research in the field of trans- and gender diversity.  

  • To play an integral role in trans activism in South Africa, Africa and globally by participating in relevant human rights networks.  

  • To form strategic partnerships to realise service provision to trans- and gender diverse persons, and to liaise with other organisations who are also working towards the realization of Human Rights.  

  • To advance Human rights by lobbying government, civil society, national- and international decision-makers and the media to combat prejudice, discrimination, violence against and intimidation of trans diverse-, gender diverse-, gender nonconforming-, and gender questioning people.  

  • The secondary object of the Association is to carry on or participate in (either alone or with any other person) any business, trade or undertaking (“Commercial Activity”) which is consistent with or ancillary to its principal objects.  

  • The secondary object of the Association must not supersede or take precedence over its principal objects.  

  • All the net profits from the Association’s Commercial Activities must be used only to fund the costs associated with the carrying on of the Association’s principal objects. 

  • In this constitution the Association’s principal objects and secondary object will be referred to collectively as “the Objects”.