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advocacy and research

Trans and gender diverse persons can live freely according to their gender identity without interference or fear, enjoy their human rights and have full equality in all spheres of life.

To achieve this goal, GDX will focus on the following objectives to improve the legal, medical and social situation of trans and gender diverse persons in diverse Southern African contexts:

  • Gender DynamiX ensures research throughout Southern African that informs and improve programming to change and enhance the quality of life of trans and gender diverse communities.   Our advocacy trajectories are health advocacy to improve access to health care, legal and policy reform for purposes of gender marker changes, the promotion of inclusive education advocacy giving gender variant learners freedom in education institutions.  

  • The International Advocacy work undertaken by the organization is to assist regional organization in preparing and presenting their shadow reports for the Universal Periodic Review at the United Nations.

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HIV is an important issue for the trans and gender diverse community. Transgender women, especially those who face intersecting layers of discrimination based on race, poverty and gender, bear a disproportionate burden of HIV. Transgender men and non-binary individuals are frequently excluded from HIV prevention and treatment programmes because of they fall outside the definitions of risk groups and key populations on which these interventions are based.

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