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Supporting Trans and Gender Diverse Refugees: SOUTH AFRICA
A Collaborative Project

As Gender Dynamix and Lawyers for Human Rights, we are embarking on a project that seeks to dismantle the rampant discrimination against transgender and gender diverse migrants in the asylum seeker system in South Africa. Lawyers for Human Rights published a critical study that assessed the forced migration system from a trans and gender diverse perspective. Our collaborative endeavour will seek to legally represent trans and gender diverse migrants, and we hope to be able to engage in robust sensitivity training in collaboration with the Department of Home Affairs and the South African Police Service, as frontline staff.

Public Opinion of Transgender Rights in
South Africa

South Africa was the first country to adopt a constitution that explicitly prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. This report analyzes data collected in the 2017 Global Attitudes Toward Transgender People survey to examine public opinion of transgender rights and status in South Africa.

Southern Africa Trans Forum (SATF), in partnership with the University of Hamburg

COVID-19 is a global crisis, and it will affect all of us, but history has shown that disasters and crises have the worst devastating effects on society’s most vulnerable groups. It is for this reason that the Southern Africa Trans Forum (SATF), in partnership with the University of Hamburg, is conducting a survey to gain an understanding of the impact of COVID-19 on trans health care.

SATF wishes to encourage trans, gender non-binary and gender diverse people from across the Southern Africa region, to complete the online questionnaire on this link:

For more information, please feel free to email:     

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