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Josephine Mukwendi

Finance / Admin Manager


Experienced Finance and Administration Manager/Accountant with more than 30 years’ experience in the private, public and NGO sectors. Worked in both managerial and technical capacities. Worked for non-profit organisation, real estate, banking, manufacturing and government institutions.  Holder of MBA and CIS. Currently working on PhD.  Free time likes helping poor communities in food distribution through church, spending time with them and going to the beach with grandchild.

Leila Ebrahim

Media, Marketing and

Communications Officer

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Leila currently serves as the Media, Marketing & Communications Officer at Gender DynamiX.  Leila was born in Kwa-Zulu Natal and was raised in Pinelands, Cape Town. She identifies as Gender Diverse.


Due to Leila's unwavering work-ethic and dedication, the Media, Marketing and Communications' portfolio has been made a full-time position. Leila’s extensive work experience includes both the corporate and private sector. She has successfully worked in Admin, Finance and Marketing.


She has a Diploma in Journalism and has 8 years’ experience in Graphic Design and Social Media, she is currently pursuing a Digital Marketing Certificate from UCT.

Wilma Kok

Office Assistant

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Wilma serves as the Office Assistant at Gender Dynamix, she is responsible for internal maintenance and the office environment.  Wilma was born and raised in Porterville and lives in Cape Town for the past 20 years. She identifies as a transgender woman.

Wilma’s working experience extends to the agricultural sector, retail sector and NGO sector.   She has a matric qualification and plans to study towards an office administration qualification.She is passionate about people and often advises transgender individuals on the process of transitioning. Wilma’s hobbies are listening to music and she loves participating in beauty pageants as well.

Savuka Matyila
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Savuka Matyila is a gender non-conforming human rights activist born in Mdantsane, Eastern Cape.


With a decade’s experience working with civil society organisations, Savuka’s work targets legal, clinical, educational, and community-based fronts, through both local and international spheres.


A degree in Sociology and Philosophy; and Gender, Religion and Health (Hons) studies inspire Savuka - to seek out possibilities of community consciousness that affect the overall psychosocial and economic livelihood of LGBTIQ+ people, and their families.


Having joined Gender DynamiX on 6th April 2021, as Health Advocacy Officer, they hope to progress the championing of efforts that secure the further realisation of dignity and wellbeing, inherent for all within gender and sexual diversity.

Health Advocacy Officer

Greyson Vanguard
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As black transgender man, my journey with the system and current status quo of our environment has created a hunger for the pursuit of justice not only for myself but for those around me.


I later found myself advocating for the emancipation of LGBTIQA+ persons and attempting to uproot the culture, tradition, patriarchy embedded in society that leads to many social ills amongst LGBTIQ persons and their families. With an academic background in Political Science and Africa Studies, coupled with a firm vested interest in Gender Equity I was called to lead the Gender and Sexual Equity Office (GSE) at the University of the Free State, I have never looked back since. 


I am the former Co-Director of Embrace a Sister (NGO), Former National Advocacy Officer at Gender Dynamix, Former Intersectional Process Coordinator at IAM and currently the Legal Advocacy Coordinator at Gender Dynamix. I am currently the Vice Chairperson of the Board for Ikusasa Decolonised Libraries (NGO), a member of the Activist Advisory Board of the Love Alliance, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Currently funding CBOs and NGOs in10 countries) as well as a Board member for the Sylvester Mashilo Foundation (Chair of Strategic Programmes).

Legal Advocacy Coordinator

Khanyisile Phillips

Education Advocacy Coordinator

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Khanyisile is the current Community Engagement Coordinator of GDX. She was born and raised in Cape Town, Manenberg. She holds a BA degree in History and Linguistics (UWC) and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (UWC), currently enrolled at Unisa for an Honours Degree in History. Her passion for community work has led her to pursue a career in teaching where she taught both primary and high school in disadvantaged communities.  By joining GDX she hopes to increase awareness of transgender and gender non-conforming individuals and their human rights at community level.

Liberty Matthyse

Executive Director

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Liberty (Glenton) is the former Legal, Policy and Education Advocacy Officer of Gender DynamiX, joining the team as Executive Director on 1 February 2018. Identifying as a trans non-binary person, she/they is a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society and holds a Master’s Degree in Law (cum laude) focused on non-discrimination and marriage equality for transgender persons (University of the Western Cape). Liberty also holds qualifications in Project Management, Leadership, Financial Management and Strategic Business Management (University of Cape Town).  She/They can be defined as a community-centred, critical-thought, human rights and social justice activist whose passion in fighting for dignity, equality and freedom for trans and gender diverse persons drives their/her dedication to achieving positive change. In her/their spare time she/they enjoys hiking outdoors, reading and writing, exercising and spending time with loved ones, particularly in their/her hometown of Darling.

Dzoe Ahmad
Dzoe Ahmad - Copy.jpg

Zimbabwean-born Dzoe Ahmad is a tremendously accomplished Co-Programmes Manager at Gender Dynamix (GDX). She is a multidisciplinary, multifaceted Transgender human rights defender, Content creator through fashion photography/Influencing, with studies in Executive Secretarial and Business Management. She is a member of Young-Key Population on international platforms, where she is the spokesperson on struggles and success of an African Young Transgender, a board member of African Women on Sexual Health (AWOSHE). Dzoe Ahmad has collaborated with the UNICEF in conducting AYKP online toolkit on resources to help plan and scale up HIV prevention programs for adolescents and young people aged 10-24 years.


Further collaborated with the Center for Civil & Political Rights [CCPR] on UN Advocacy mechanisms which impacted the writing of the International Convent on Civil & Political Rights - OHRC report in 2020 for Zimbabwe. All geared towards advocacy and affirming the resilience of survivors of injustice. Miss Ahmad submitted the International Convection on Civil and Political Rights report that gave an in-depth highlight and injustice, inequalities that the broader LGBTI persons face in Zimbabwe. Dzoe Ahmad works proactively in fighting for/and creating visibility for the transgender constituency and speaking in the representation of the marginalized community by standing as one, activism, social media influencer, brands endorsements, coordinating. Currently pursuing her digital career and further her studies in Business Management.

Co-Programme Manager

Yolanda Daniels

Human Resources Manager

Yolanda Daniels Edited.png

Yolanda was born and raised in Johannesburg, moving to Cape Town 9 years ago after being seconded to Cape Town as the Group HR/IR Manager for a national corporate organisation.

She currently serves as the HR Manager for Gender DynamiX on a part-time basis. She has done a BScH in Operations Management, specialising in Human Resources and Industrial Relations. She has extensive experience in the corporate sector, with 20+ years’ experience in listed companies at executive and senior management level.

Gleo Booysen
Gleo Booysen - Photo - Copy.jpg

Gleo Booysen is a woman living a trans experience. Born and raised in the heart of South Africa, Bloemfontein, Free State.

She completed the Young African Leaders Initiative Southern Africa program (YALI), a flagship program initiated by former US president Barack Obama which was held at UNISA School for Business Leadership and graduated as a Civil Leader in 2017.

She is a fashion model and passionate activist for transgender persons thus having organised the Free State LGBTIQ Pride between 2015 and 2019 to raise awareness around transgender topics.

Her administration experience boasts over 15 years having worked in both corporate and the NGO space.

Office Administration

Anil Padavatan

Programme Manager

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Anil is a health and human rights activist, with many years’ experience in the fields of gender-based violence, HIV, and access to health care.  Anil holds an Honours Degree in Psychology from Rhodes University, and has worked for various human rights organisations, including the AIDS Law Project and the SA HIV Clinicians Society.  In 2020, Anil joined Gender Dynamix as Health Advocacy Officer.


Anil is the proud parent of two children and in his free time writes children’s and teen fiction.

Hape Peshoane

Regional Advocacy Coordinator


Hape Peshoane joins the Gender Dynamix team all the way from Lesotho as the Regional Advocacy Officer. She is well versed regarding regional and international human rights instruments and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Women & Gender Studies at the University of the Western Cape (UWC). Hape also holds a BA Honours Degree in Women & Gender Studies (UWC), Postgraduate Diploma in Gender Studies (University of the Free State), BA Degree in Pastoral Care & Counselling and Diploma in Pastoral Care & Counselling (National University of Lesotho).

Cameron Lawrence
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"Born and raised in Cape Town, I have always been interested in marginalized communities. After pursuing my Undergraduate Arts Degree, I furthered my studies and acquired my Honours Degree in Psychology (UWC), in the hopes of better understanding people's views and allowing me to see the world through their eyes. My curiosity finds me furthering my studies, currently acquiring my Masters in Research Psychology. With a growing interest and passion to explore issues around the LGBTQ+ community. I look forward to learning and growing every day. May my journey be filled with knowledge, wisdom and positive impact."

Research Intern

Melody Seherrie
Melody Seherrie - Photo - Copy.jpeg

Melody Seherrie is a Transgender Woman from Petrusville, Northern Cape. She is passionate about Activism and Advocacy and have journeyed through the course of her life actively advocating for LGBT+ and the rights of Transwomen in various communities and Tertiary institutions. 

Her passion for people and advocating for the rights of the marginalised and oppressed led her to study Social Work at the University of the Western Cape. Melody have been in support of multiple NGOs over the past 13 years as Student Social Worker and Administrative Support.  

Melody also won the Ms Gay Northern Cape title in 2013. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, reading books, creative writing and spending time with her loved ones.

Community Engagement Officer