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As an engaged organisation, GDX has brought to light that trans and gender diverse persons experience various challenges that hinder us from living in freedom, dignity and equality. Due to the dominance of cisnormativity and heteronormativity in the context of conservative legal-political systems and often adverse socio-economic circumstances in southern Africa, we have found that trans and gender diverse persons:


  • Fear expressing who we are;

  • Are deprived of legal and societal recognition;

  • Are not affirmingly recognised in government policies to support gender diversity;

  • Are marginalised and excluded from accessing resources, services and opportunities such as healthcare, education, legal assistance, employment, social services, etc.;

  • Face societal ignorance, intolerance, stigma and discrimination;

  • Experience gross human rights violations; and

  • Are sometimes negatively portrayed by insensitive media outlets.


For this reason, GDX’s theory of change can be outlined as follows:

  GDX Theory Of Change  




The Challenge

Cisnormativity means that transgender and gender diverse persons experience human rights violations, marginalisation, exclusion and inequality.

Our Approach

Strategic Themes

Developing, implementing and managing advocacy, training and capacity enhancement programmes that address the inequalities and injustices.

  1. Advocacy and research

  2. Capacity enhancement

  3. Community access to direct services

  4. Organisational development


Empowered communities

Empowered communities

Strong and sustainable organisation


Empowered communities can:

  • Claim their rights

  • End injustices

  • Make positive change


An inclusive society where gender diverse individuals can freely identify and express themselves without prejudice and are embraced and celebrated.

    Key Priority Areas    
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PriorityAreas01 - Copy

PriorityAreas02 - Copy

PriorityAreas02 - Copy

PriorityAreas06 - Copy

PriorityAreas06 - Copy

PriorityAreas03 - Copy

PriorityAreas03 - Copy

PriorityAreas05 - Copy

PriorityAreas05 - Copy

Organisational Development
Advocacy and Research
Capacity Enhancement
Facilitating Community Access to Direct Services
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