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Violation of LGBTI rights in Uganda and Liberia

In as much as there has been good developments and happenings in South Africa, we cannot ignore the contradictory scene happening in other African Countries. GDX is aware of the LGBTI persecution(s) taking place in Uganda and Liberia. As an organisation GDX is and continues to be aware of the LGBTI arrests taking place in Uganda, and the possible return of the Anti Homosexual Act,  which will introduce the death penalty for LGBTI identify persons[i]. The Ugandan government has announced that it plans to sentence to death persons participating in consensual same-sex relationships[ii]. Furthermore, there have also been attacks on LGBTI persons in Liberia which happened on the 10th of November 2019.


We have also watched as the Deputy President of South Africa  David Mabuza suggested that as a country South Africa should not interfere with Ugandan affairs[iii]. With a country with such a liberal and inclusive Constitution it was,  disappointing to hear a political leader from the same country speaking in such a manner when people’s lives are at risk. As an organistion we fully agree that country contexts differ, but human rights know no boundaries that we as Africans were created for but continue to reinforce and the same is replicated and is applicable in  our activist work. If making voicing out and interfering with Uganda’s in-country politics or another country that refuses to accept diverse sexual orientations and gender identities, but the ‘interferences’ will have a positive impact on LGBTI rights in Uganda or any state that is anti-homosexual or transphobic, then South Africa must not keep quiet.


We call upon the international community to condemn the unjust attitudes and homophobic and transphobic behaviours. We call all donors, partners, investors and allies to the LGBTI community to condemn all the inhuman activities taking place in both countries by voicing out their stances not just verbally but the stance should be action-orientated even if it means withdrawing their support and partnerships with governments in Liberia and Uganda. Gender Dynamix will continue to stand in solidarity with our comrades in Liberia and Uganda.






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