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Emergent Protocol and Guideline Consultation

South Africa is generally perceived to be a country that has and Sex Characteristics. As an organization our stance is that Queer dignity, equality and the achieved equality, dignity and freedom for all, including persons of Diverse Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Expression embodiment of freedom remains directly connected to issues of race, gender, economic and social (in)justice. In a country where religion, culture, sexism, cisnormativity, heteronormativity, racism and classism continue to produce different forms of inequality and multiple forms of intersectional oppression and discrimination, it remains our duty as activists, civil society, communities, teachers and parents to collectively and purposefully ensure the safety and security of all learners regardless of their gender identity, sexual orientation or perceived orientation. 


Gender Dynamix implore teachers, school governing bodies (SGB’s), parents, guardians, community leaders, learners and all stakeholders in the community and school ecosystem in South Africa to attend the consultation processes virtually (Link to be shared on our page) on the roll out of the Guidelines for the socio-educational inclusion of Diverse Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Expression and Sex Characteristics (SOGIESC) and the protocol for the elimination of unfair discrimination in schools to address the ongoing queerphobic bullying and to facilitate safe, enabling and affirming classrooms and schools. The Eastern Cape is the first province DBE will be focussing on, please see the pamphlet below for more details, if you’re not in the Eastern Cape, keep checking our website and social media pages for dates and details for your province.


We’ve also attached a digital resource tool, to assist in educating and sensitizing participants in order to engage the process respectfully, yet constructively.

Emergent Protocol and Guideline Consultation-21Oct2022.png

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