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Having been established in 2005, Gender DynamiX (GDX) is the first registered Africa-based public benefit organisation to focus solely on trans and gender diverse communities. What started as a mere vision, slowly grew into a grassroots organisation. GDX has since become an institutionalised non-profit organisation (NPO) that is fundamental to the development of the trans and gender diverse movement(s) in South Africa and across southern Africa.

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Our key priority areas of work include:

Regional Research Study

Countering Gender-Based Violence by defining Safety, Recognition, Access, and Social Equity for Trans and Gender Diverse Persons


This is why countering gender-based violence by defining safety, recognition, access, and social equity for trans and gender diverse persons research is important.


If you live in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Eswatini or Zambia and would like to take part in this study or know of someone who would, please get in contact with our researcher, Sondré Bailey at

What Lesbian Looks Like

Lesbian Day of Visibility 2021


In support of Lesbian Day of Visibility, we sat down with Loren Loubser (aka Lekker Lollas) to get their perspective on what lesbian looks like in 2021. 

Lesbian Visibility Week, leading up to Lesbian Day of Visibility, aims to show solidarity with all LGBTQI woman and non-binary people and to celebrate lesbians. 

Thank you, Loren, for sharing your story with us. 

Directed by Zoey Black.

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Gender DynamiX would like to introduce you to The

Wall of Resilience


This wall aims to create a way of telling stories that document our losses and our strengths.


The wall brings to life the lived experiences of members of the LGBTQIA+ community(s) digitally during the COVID 19 pandemic while simultaneously highlighting the resilience of marginalized communities who are further limited by inadequate resources and lack of access to services across Southern Africa.


The virtual wall is a tool that will be used to voice the inadequacies in the region on the basis of education, legal gender recognition and access to services, more so during the pandemic.


Furthermore, it is a way of ensuring that transgender and gender diverse persons are given a platform to get recognition for their courage and tenacity despite facing stigma, violence, discrimination and exclusion from basic services while challenging policies and laws that aim to impede on the dignity and human rights of Trans and Gender Diverse persons, hence the name Wall of Resilience.


To be featured on The Wall of Resilience please email us at:

Home Affairs considers scrapping male and female ID numbers

Gender Dynamix recently spoke to GroundUp about the Department of Home Affairs’ (DHA) Draft Official Identity Management Policy.


We welcome the human rights-approach which the DHA has taken in this Draft Policy, bringing their processes more in alignment with the values and rights enshrined in the Constitution, particularly the proposed mechanisms that speak to non-discrimination and privacy.


However, the policy still requires some work we will be making our formal submission to the DHA in due course.



The International IDAHO Committee has been set up in 2005 to support mobilisation, networking and communication around the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, on May 17.


We are looking for a consultant to support the organisation in its work around the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia 2021.

Pocket Queerpedia launch

About Pocket Queerpedia

Tshisimani Centre for Activist Education is an organisation dedicated to resourcing and supporting activists towards their goals of equality, freedom, dignity and better futures.


The idea for this glossary was sparked by a moment in one of our offerings 'Feminism and Freedom' a course we hosted for young activists in 2019. While grappling with discussions on gender, sexuality and freedom, we ran into a number of difficulties. As with most of our courses, the participants in the room were quite diverse. Drawn from different communities, geographic locations and organisations. What we considered basic and familiar terms in queerness we thought all would know, left many participants utterly lost.

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Human Rights Abuses in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya


The camp is made up of different blocks with Block 13 being allocated to 160+ LGBTQIA+ persons - the largest concentration of LGBTQIA refugees in the world. When GDX contacted activist Gilbert Kagarura of Block 13, to ask if this block was considered a “safe space” he replied: “No it wasn't considered safe but UNHCR wanted to remove us from outside their offices where we had camped seeking protection”.


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Gender Dynamix Press Release: Trans Prisoners’ Rights to Gender Identity and Expression in September v Minister of Correctional Services

Black Drag Magic Wins 2nd Prize at World Press Photo Awards. What a remarkable achievement. 


It is wonderful to experience the recognition of Black Queer excellence and celebration of Black Trans Talent from South Africa. Well done Belinda Qaqamba Fassie on taking the 2nd prize at the World Press Awards with your exhibition 'Black Drag Magic'.




GDX Annual Report 2019
Employment Opportunities
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If you are trans and gender diverse identifying please email your CV to: so that we can have you in our database for future employment opportunities.


We would also be able to link you with trans and gender diverse friendly employers.

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